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Halloween Candy Buy Back

We are really excited about Halloween!  


Are you getting ready for another great year of collecting and donating sweet treats to the troops?


We are very grateful that you want to promote the Halloween Candy Buyback program.


If you would like to receive posters, the Operation Gratitude logo and other helpful materials, please fill out the information on the right.  Upon submission, you will receive these materials by return email.


REMEMBER: We need to receive your candy donations at Operation Gratitude headquarters by NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 15.


Any financial donations should be accounted for on a master spreadsheet. Include donor names, check numbers, cash amounts and total all results.  We will mail “thank you” letters to each donor for financial contributions.


Place all financial donations and the corresponding accounting sheet in an envelope and mail to:


Operation Gratitude 
P.O. Box 260257
Encino, CA 91426-0257 


Please check back with us for details about where to ship your Product/Candy donations.


Thank you again for supporting our troops!  This will be a great year because of your efforts and enthusiasm.


Check out our journey and connect with us online at


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